Progetto I.N.S.P.I.R.E.

Innovative Network for Security and Prevention trough Inter-Regional Euro-cooperation
Progetto si è concluso nel 2013 ed è stato realizzato in partenariato con Romania e Ungheria (HOME/2009/ISEC/AG/039).

Anno di avvio: 2009

Responsabile scientifico
Patrizia Messina, Università degli Studi di Padova

Le attività di cooperazione con la Romania vengono realizzate in collaborazione con il Centro Italiano di Cultura Arad, co-fondato dall’Università di Padova e dall’Università Vasile Goldis di Arad nel 2008.

The free movement of people within the European Union borders, the reduction and smoother border checking activity at the internal borders towards Romania and Bulgaria, set/determined a tremendous expansion of the criminal activities through networks that became transnational, their extremely flexibility are predominantly oriented around/on activities connected to migration flows on the axis East-West. Several specific elements that defines the countries from the last wave of enlargement of EU like poverty, corruption and bribery, lack of effective measures in the judicial systems, explosion of the immigration flows toward countries more developed, situations made further even worse by the financial crisis, breed situations with particular gravity (the case of Romania-Italy) that could not be managed without transversal network collaboration between public and private players with different proficiencies/competencies but in the same time complementary. The project aim is to strengthen an international network created by subjects that collaborate together for a long time through: the identification of good practices to be adopted at interregional and g-local level, the elaboration of several preventive experiments of interventions but also supplementary ones, in a particular in a territory that has to face the side effects of human beings trafficking, exploitation and sexual exploitation (children in particular) and acts related to micro criminality that are coordinated in great measure at the transnational dimension. All these facts brought a feeling of insecurity among the local populations. As obviously, in the case of Italian-Romanian problems, reckless coordination or non-transversal management of the problems generated by these, allowed situations of racism and violence in front of all the minority groups, crisis that obliged the operators towards giving instantaneous solutions that were mostly political without the warranty of a real control in the territory.

The main objective of the project is to consolidate and extend an international innovative network in order to compare and emphasize in a multilevel and inter-institutional context the reciprocal experiences and the singular good practices of each country/region, particularly in the field of coordinated and harmonized prevention along with the EU countries from the last wave of enlargement. The structure of the project will allow to the individuals to elaborate statistical data, establish the local dynamics in a transnational approach, and will give place to test the prevention models, territorial control and integration into two real contexts in Italy and Romania where the flows of migrants are very large, as well as marginalization and criminal critical situations. In the end, the project intends to create a widespread communication method publiccally in the territory, by a process of data computerization and of the results.


  • Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca e Servizi “Giorgio Lago”
  • Local Health and Social Unit 16 – ULSS 16 Padova
  • Camposampiero Union of Municipalities
  • M.a.s.ter. Association
  • West University of Timisoara
  • PolicyEuroNetwork Association
  • Romanian Association of Penal Sciences – Timisoara Branch Appeal Court Timisoara
  • OKTOFORDVIL Foundation


  1. INITIAL MEETING in Padova (IT) – Identifying the tascks of intervention. Padova, 12-13 settembre 2011
  2. Collecting data and recognition of existent resources, statistical analysis and information exchang with local stakeholders + Preparing of intermediate workshop. Arad, 15 settembre 2011- febbraio 2012
  3. INTERMEDIARY WORKSHOP in Arad (RO) – Analyse data processing and elaboration of models of good practices. Arad, 5-6 marzo 2012
  4. EXPERIMENTATION of GOOD PRACTICES IN THE TERRITORIES (Padova) – Verify and experiment directly in the local dimension + Supervision of the activities second year
    Padova, 14-15 maggio 2012
  5. FINAL MEETING (Padova) – Evaluation and presentation of result, predisposition of the pubblications.Padova, 11-12 luglio 2012
  6. Processing the results, publishing and dissemination. 15 luglio-30 settembre 2012

Link al volume (Tiberiu GRÜNWALD, Patrizia MESSINA (eds) Innovative Network for Security and Prevention Through Inter-regional Euro-cooperation (INSPIRE), Due Verde, Centro Italiano di Cultura Arad (RO), 2013).