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Online library on Homestay Accommodation for Refugees  (English version)

Since its inception, URBES has focused on urban innovation, governance and local politics, transnational mobility and migration, sustainability, housing, data and digitalization processes, social inequalities, and urban risk management. Therefore, URBES proudly host the Homestay Accommodation for Refugees bibliography (Bassoli and Luccioni 2023). This is the first and most comprehensive reference list of publications on private hospitality offered by locals to refugees – or homestay accommodation for refugees.

Private hospitality is a key element of contemporary migrations, as many refugees find shelter by being hosted by local inhabitants. Whereas private hospitality is commonly offered within diasporas by relatives, friends, and acquaintances it has also (re)developed since the mid-2010s as a volunteering practice for (mostly) native-born citizens who have no initial personal connection with refugees. The online library on homestay accommodation for refugees enables one to discover publications exploring this recent phenomenon.


The list of references is the product of a research effort put forward by Matteo Bassoli and Clément Luccioni, with the support of Refugees Welcome International. Aiming at maximal exhaustiveness, the bibliography is the product of the systematic literature review based on the PRISMA approach (Page et al. 2021). Starting from 1,557 unique items provided by the search engines (automatic procedure) and 43 documents based on their previous knowledge or provided by Refugees Welcome International (prior knowledge), the dataset includes 75 documents.

URBES research team will implement a similar procedure screening post-2020 publications and keeping the dataset updated.

Please feel free to upload any additional publication using the link, each document will be assessed by our research team. You may contact the authors using their email addresses: Matteo Bassoli and Clément Luccioni.

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Structure and definitions

The dataset is the direct product of the article “Homestay Accommodation for Refugees (in Europe). A Literature Review” published in the International Migration Review in 2023. Therefore the complete methodology, procedure and definition can be found in the article. The documents can be downloaded from the original source or you may ask to join our collective effort on Zotero.

All the references are presented alphabetically, but you may apply a filter on any key term of interest. The corpus is classified according to the following variables:

Language: English, Italian, French, German etc.

Studied countries: Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium etc.

Date of publication: in the format yyyy

Type of publication: journal article, book, book chapter, bachelor thesis, master thesis, PhD thesis, research report, grey literature

Approach: Micro level (homestay accommodation as a interindividual relationship), Meso level (Homestay accommodation as the object of collective and institutional action) and Macro level (the political dimension of the homestay model)

Discipline: SOE (Sociology, anthropology or ethnology), Political science, Law, Social work studies, Philosophy, Others